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Key to your loved one’s image

IMG_3661 IMG_3654

When it comes to portraits, reference is key.

The better the reference the better the outcome.

The Mac Named Dre

IMG_2892Had fun on this piece I did on Jhyphy.  Got this tattoo of this Bay Area legend

that happens to have the same birthday as her.


IMG_2640 IMG_2616 IMG_2596

City Nights

IMG_2567 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2589  IMG_2594IMG_2590Made a trip out to San Francisco along side Noah Minuskin to take care of a couple clients.

All work no play, nothing but work and sleep, but far more work than rest.

It was a great trip I hope you enjoy the pieces.



IMG_2150IMG_2125   IMG_2130 IMG_2221Here are a few portraits of loved ones I’ve done on these collectorsIMG_2203This one was extra fun. I have always admired this picture of Emiliano and I finally got the chance to tattoo it on my homegirl

who I have been tattooing since I day one.




Portraits Portraits….

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